Online Poker Tournament Types

Online Poker Tournament Types


These are the types of tournament you can play on the different online poker sites.


MTT is a multi-table tournament. The poker players start the tournament with an equal, fixed amount of poker chips. Players at the poker tables compete to win the other players chips as the blinds and/or antes increase over time. When you loose your last amount of chips, you are eliminated from the tournament and cannot play anymore. As the poker players are eliminated, tables are ‘broken’ up. The players are moved to other tables to keep the tables full, or evenly “balanced”. At some point, the last few surviving players with chips are brought together at the final table, where the winner is the individual who wins all the chips from the other players. Cash prizes are then awarded to top finishers poker account on the basis of number of tournament entries and the prizepool.


A “Sit & Go” (S&G or SNG) is a poker tournament which simply begins when all the seats at the table are filled. Players start as the MTT´s with an equal, fixed amount of chips. When you loose all of your chips, you are eliminated from the tournament and cannot play anymore.


These tournaments guarantees from the start, that a certain amount will be in the prize pool (for example $500), no matter how many players buy-in to the tournament before it begins.


Freerolls – a freeroll poker tournament, which means there is no entrance fee (buy-ins) to play. Freerolls are very popular among beginner players because they can win some free money without investments. Freerolls is also a great way to improve your skills of poker. Certain freerolls has requirements, that could be x amount of rakes hands or a first deposit at the poker room.


Poker satellite tournaments is a special kind of tournament where the winner is gaining access to a larger poker tournament. This tournament is cheaper to buy-in to and if you win this tournament you get an entry to a larger tournament directly. Satellites can run as scheduled poker tournaments and as Sit & Go’s also.

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